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Upon being ‘Inducted’ into the First Degree of the Order a Brother wears a Breast Jewel that is supplied by the Conclave. When he has taken his Second or Princes Degree he wears a similar Breast Jewel that is suspended from a ribbon of a different colour. In both degrees Conclave Officers wear a crimson sash.

The Supreme Ruler of a Conclave wears a jewel of the Order suspended from a collaret and a distinctive sash with the letters ‘SR’ upon it. In addition he wears a violet robe with yellow edging.

A Provincial/District Grand Officer wears a blue sash, edged with gold. The sash has his rank embroidered upon it together with the name of his Province/District. A Grand Officer wears a crimson sash with his rank embroidered in gold. Grand Officers and Provincial/District Officers also wear a collaret and jewel.

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