Provincial And District Grand Supreme Rulers In Order Of Appointment
06/02/2006 Clive Virdill Bentley South Africa – Eastern Cape
09/02/2006 William Arthur Ramsden, Q.C South Africa – Natal
30/10/2006 Barry Best Kessell Cornwall
28/11/2006 Richard Samuel Moss East Midlands
12/03/2009 Dr John Anthony Elmore Suffolk
11/09/2010 John Stafford Stevens Staffordshire and Shropshire
30/10/2010 Jeremy Spencer Braithwaite North Scotland
10/11/2010 Merrill Martin Elliott Warwickshire
12/02/2011 David Kenneth Jesson Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire
26/02/2011 Gaspar Llewellyn Gill Southern Caribbean
28/05/2011 Brian Francis McDermott South Africa – Northern
09/07/2011 Colin Trevor Cooper Somerset
13/07/2011 Lyndon William Hughson West Wales
16/07/2011 Paul Norman Rose Sussex
27/08/2011 Ian Paterson Duff East Scotland
14/09/2011 Trevor Peter Dutt Middlesex
13/04/2012 Richard Mussell Gloucestershire and Herefordshire
25/05/2012 Laurence James Young Surrey
16/06/2012 Graham Henry Fenwick North and East Yorkshire
30/06/2012 Kenneth Donald Kennedy West Scotland
18/07/2012 Peter John Wise Kent
26/10/2012 William Alan Radford Northumberland
29/10/2012 Peter Ernst Ribi London
31/10/2012 Iain Sinclair Macfarlane Cheshire and North Wales
23/02/2013 Graeme Hutchinson West Yorkshire
Stephen Michael Ayres Essex
25/04/2013 David Alan Holloway Worcestershire
20/07/2013 Gordon Davies Evans South Wales and Monmouthshire
22/07/2013 Robin Habbitts Norfolk
03/08/2013 Roger Frank Guest Devonshire
12/04/2014 Stephen Jeffrey Regal Channel Islands
26/07/2014 Martin Howard Thomas Far East
26/07/2014 Boo Khean Khoo South East Asia
20/09/2014 Jose Luis Menoyo-Garcia Spain
10/10/2014 Frank George Hood Smith East Lancashire
25/10/2014 Richard Charles William Batchelor Hampshire and Isle of Wight
11/04/2015 Ian Robert Sullivan Dorset and Wiltshire
13/06/2015 Kenneth Embleton Durham

Howard Saul Markham

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire
03/10/2015 Terrence Vincent Maybury West Lancashire