Have you ever found yourself in the position ready to take office and know absolutely next to nothing about the ritual you have to perform? Do not place yourself in this embarrassing situation. In the Order of the Secret Monitor we have the Premier Conclave of Improvement to help you. Among friends we rehearse together parts of the ritual and iron out those bumps in as painless way as possible.

The Premier Conclave of Improvement offers all Brethren of the Order the opportunity to practise our ceremonies in a friendly and encouraging environment. The programme of work is sufficiently flexible to allow all Brethren attending the opportunity to rehearse their respective offices. We meet at Mark Masons’ Hall, 86 St James Street, London, SW1A 1Pl at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of each month, with the exceptions of the months of July and August.

Please come and join us at The Premier Conclave of Improvement, we look forward to seeing you as a friend.

Wy Bro Boon Sin Tan, Secretary

Please use the link page to contact W Bro Boon